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Grant holders FAQs

Claiming your grant

When will I receive my grant?

The claiming process is explained in the how to claim section of this site.

All grants are paid via bank transfer to UK registered charities. Please note that grants are paid in arrears, on receipt of paid invoices providing evidence that the work we have funded has been (or is in the process of being) completed. Note that we cannot pay against work that was already completed before our award was offered.

When do you make grant payments?

We make grant payments at the end of every month, except in August. If you send us your claim documents by the middle of the month, we will try to release your grant in the same month. While we try to be as accommodating as possible, please note that payment is never guaranteed for a particular month.

What items cannot be covered by your grant?

Overheads, administrative costs and VAT cannot be met from a Wolfson grant. Additionally, we are unable to accept claims against enabling or demolition works.


When do I have to send you a progress report?

Progress reports are a condition of the grant and should reach us by 30 April and 30 October, each year until the grant is fully claimed. After your grant has been fully claimed we ask for brief updates when milestones are reached and a Final Report no later than 1 year after the date the project is completed. You will find 6 Month Progress Report Forms (DOCX) (downloads a document) and Final Report Forms (DOCX) (downloads a document) here.

Acknowledging your grant

How should I acknowledge my grant?

We are happy to be associated with the project. We may sometimes agree the naming of a specific area. Further details may be found in the Press and Publicity section.


How often can I reapply?

Generally, we ask that you wait some five years between the date an award is offered (not paid) and submitting a further application.

Please note that we do not consider further grants for a project that we have already supported, so any further applications needs to be for a different project.

Universities are able to apply more frequently, provided applications are for projects in different departments.