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Review Process

We undertake a careful and detailed review of all applications before any funding decision is made to ensure that we are supporting high quality projects.

Independent reviewers
At Stage 2, applications are subject to independent expert (or ‘peer’) review. While peer review is most commonly associated with the assessment of academic research, we use reviewers across each of our programmes. They are selected as experts in their field who are qualified to provide an informed and impartial review. The process is central to our decision-making and we are extremely grateful to those who undertake this work for us. Guidance for reviewers is here.

The confidentiality of the reviewers chosen is integral to the process. It is, however, an open process to the extent of providing feedback questions or queries to applicants where appropriate. This is done without compromising the identity of reviewers.

Nominated reviewers
Applicants are also given the opportunity to nominate a reviewer, who should be someone who is familiar with the organisation and project but able to provide an independent reference.

Expert Panel and assessment criteria
Applications, reviewers’ comments and any response from applicants to queries raised are considered by our expert Panels, who make recommendations to the Trustees.

Key criteria used by Trustees to assess applications include: the excellence of the organisation and project; the anticipated outcome of the project; financial viability, including value for money and adequate provision for ongoing costs/ maintenance.