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We have a wide range of funding programmes and activities. Our fundamental aim, however, is to improve the civic health of society mainly through education and research. More specifically we support excellence in the fields of education, science & medicine, health & disability, and arts & humanities.

Our programmes can be grouped into funding for places (capital funding) and funding for people.

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Funding for Places

Funding for places

Most of our funding (about 85%) is for capital infrastructure, i.e. buildings (new build or refurbishments) and equipment. These awards support excellence across the following fields: education; science & medicine; the arts & humanities; health & disability.

Funding for People

Funding for people

A proportion of our funding (about 15%) is for people, mainly for research and education grants through bursaries, scholarships or fellowships. We do not accept unsolicited applications under these programmes, and generally work with partner organisations who identify individuals for support.

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