Grants in the UK

Grants in the UK

The Wolfson Family Charitable Trust funds mainly in Israel, however a small number of awards are made each year to British organisations serving the UK Jewish community. We are interested in supporting projects that help people with special needs (particularly physical and learning disabilities), provide high quality secondary education, or that improve access to important culture or heritage.

Eligible organisations

Organisations should be charities (or with charitable status or equivalent), generally have an annual income of above £50,000, and show evidence of long-term financial viability. Within the cultural field, organisations should have a national reputation for excellence. In the area of heritage, we are particularly interested in historic synagogues.

Eligible projects

- Funding is provided for capital projects only (i.e. buildings, refurbishment or specialist equipment).
- Projects should be ongoing after the date of any award (i.e. not complete by the time that Trustees consider the application).
- Applicants should provide matched funding (which should be guaranteed)
- Requests should generally be in the range of £5,000 - £25,000 (only very exceptionally are awards made above this range).

Application process 

We run a two stage process. See here for guidance on what information should be included in a Stage 1 application, and to submit an application online. The deadline for Stage 1 applications is Monday 3 June 2019

Guidance on what a Stage 2 application should contain is generally the same as for the Wolfson Foundation, and may be downloaded here. The deadline for Stage 2 applications is  Friday 12 July 2019.

Stage 2 applications are sent out to expert reviewers, before being considered by our Trustees. The Trustees generally meet once each year.

Note that applications should not be submitted to both the Wolfson Foundation and the Wolfson Family Charitable Trust at the same time.


These are generally similar to those of the Wolfson Foundation, and ineligible projects would include:
  • Grants direct to individuals or through conduit organisations
  • Overheads, maintenance costs, VAT and professional fees
  • Non-specific appeals (including circulars) and endowment funds
  • Costs of meetings, exhibitions, concerts, expeditions, etc.
  • The purchase of land or existing buildings (including a building's freehold)
  • Film or promotional materials
  • Repayment of loans
  • Projects that have already been completed or will be by the time of award
Conditions and claiming a grant
The conditions attached to a grant, and the procedure to claim an award, are the same as for the Wolfson Foundation. See here for more information.