Wolfson Family Charitable Trust

Wolfson Family Charitable Trust

The Wolfson Family Charitable Trust (WFCT) is a sister trust of the Wolfson Foundation with the same administration and similar aims. A list of Trustees is available here.

The Trust was established in 1958 and currently has assets of some £35 million, allocating about £1.5 million each year.

The aims of the Trust are similar to those of the Wolfson Foundation: backing excellence through capital infrastructure projects, particularly in areas that are under-funded. Applicants are encouraged to use funds as a catalyst, so that the Trust's funding can lever additional support.

A large majority of the assets derive from the realisation of the Trust's historic involvement in Israel's Paz Oil Company and so the majority of the funds are allocated for programmes in Israel. The Trust's funding in Israel is largely proactive, in that we identify and work with key partner organisations in areas of mutual interest.

A small number of awards are made each year to organisations in the UK and applications in our areas of interest may be submitted directly to the Trust. For more information and for details of how to submit an application, see here.