General FAQs

General FAQs

General FAQs are below. See also FAQs about making an application, and FAQs for grant holders.

How can I find out more about the history of the Wolfson Foundation?

There is more on the work of the Foundation in the 50th anniversary publication The Wolfson Foundation 1955-2005: a Historical Perspective. Our archives (1955-1980) are professionally managed by the Royal Society, and the online catalogue of grants is available on their website

Do you do anything other than grant-making?

Many funders now take part in activities beyond their traditional, core business - including policy and research work, lobbying of government, partnership building and direct engagement with recipients. The Wolfson Foundation is no exception, but high quality grant-making remains central to all that we do. This is, not least, because our authority to work on some of these wider activities is based on high quality decisions and high quality relationships with our recipients.

Do you have a complaints procedure?

The Wolfson Foundation is committed to being as transparent as possible, and to working constructively with applicants, grant holders, external stakeholders and others. We do, however, understand that disagreements can very occasionally occur. We hope that any such disagreements can be resolved through informal discussions. If it has not been possible to resolve a dispute in this manner, or if you think it unsuitable, we have a formal process for handling complaints independently of the person with whom you have the dispute. This procedure is available here.